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Wood Fence Panels
Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fence Panels

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Wood Fence Panels are gaining wider acceptance among people these days. These panels not only provide protection to the property and other assets but they also have a strong aesthetic appeal. A wide variety of designs and materials are available in these panels. You can choose from a minimal wood fence design that provides privacy or you can go in for a picket fencing that allows you to display your beautiful garden. Some of the different types of wood fence panels are discussed below.

wood fence panels 1 Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fence Panels

Pressure treated wood fence panels are a reasonably priced option. In this kind of fence, the wood is pressure treated and this makes it resistant to the harsh elements of nature. These types of panels are usually found in a greenish color which tends to turn gray with the passage of time. Therefore, it is advisable to treat these panels with a sealer or stain.

BasketWeavePanel Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fence Panels

If your fence is for agricultural use, you are probably less concerned with its aesthetic. This will be a fence for function. Most often these fences come in a 2-rail, 3-rail, or stacked fencing variety. There are many different woods that can be used for agricultural fencing.

latticetopboardfence Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fence Panels

For residential fencing there are many more options. There are lots of decorative and stylistic features that you would not necessarily find with agricultural fencing. Sizing is one of the main differences. If the residential fencing is for decorative purposes and not for functional needs, there is almost an unending variety of choices in wood fence panels.

privacy fence panels 014 Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fence Panels

Privacy fencing can be used in either residential or agricultural needs. Plain and dog eared picket fence posts and panels are the most popular in wooden fencing for privacy. They also add a bit of security. Even with privacy fencing it is possible to have style. You might want to keep a view hidden, but you can still enjoy the interior space that you have created. There are many ways to do this with fencing.

DSCF0818 Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fence Panels

Wood fence panels are more suitable for suburban or countryside areas. In choosing a wood panel, one needs to consider the cost of wood and the overall design. Cedar is more expensive but also more durable, while pine is among the cheapest. A post-and-rail fence requires the least wood and is one of the cheapest designs, while privacy fences are the most expensive.

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