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Septic Systems for Dummies
Septic Systems for Dummies

Septic Systems for Dummies

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 Septic Systems for Dummies

Septic System Design – There are two myths which known in the public that septic tank is functioned to treat the sewage and to filters it to create pure water underground. But don’t you know that the truth of the septic system is a concrete box. So, the treatment of the sewage is not done by the septic system but naturally done by numerous anaerobic bacteria (water breathing bugs like those living in the human gut). The separation between the water and the sewage is happened in the drainfield. Here, the real treatment of the sewage is done by the aerobic bacteria (air breathing). In every a teaspoon soil, there live 30 million or more bacteria which will do this process. These bacteria consume the sewage effluent, as it is their food. After that, it will naturally process which will be safe for the soil.

Long time ago people use the traditional gravel to design the septic system, but now people use the vault technology to make one. The vault technology uses no drainrock and no center pipe. This new design of the vault is become a choice for many people as it is occasionally driven over with farm equipment.

As we know that the cost of septic system design is not cheap. It makes many people would rather to make the design than to ask the builder to set them up. Then, how to build the septic system?

First thing that you must do to build septic system is getting a scale map of your septic design. Here, you can get the design from some site in the internet, but remember when you downloaded some scale map, make sure that it was been submitted to the local health department. Here, you may also think about your closest neighbor house too. Then you may determine the soil classification such as the soil texture and soil structure. Then, determine the area trench for your home. Dig a couple of six foot holes at each end of your drainfield area and check the soil type. Furthermore, you may not design your drainfield size depend on the number of bathrooms or fixtures in the home. For how to determine the area trench you may see it This site will guide you to determine the area trench also provide you more information about septic system design.

You will be leading to how to design the septic system with your own design, including the calculation of the drainfield chart, the mapping and many more. What about the cost calculation? Will they help you to inform you about the cost calculation? Sure, they are. For brief information, they described you about drainfield costs, the septic tank costs, and another items related to your project. But, something that you should understand the costs that they are predicted can change easily depend on the constantly changing the fuel and oil.

Based on information that they update recently, the cost of the 4 foot plastic vault is $65, meanwhile for older style drainrock type drainfields is $4 per square foot. And for the standard septic tank about $650 delivered, and many more. Here, you will predict how much money you must spend with.

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