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French Tip Nail Designs Reviews
French Tip Nail Designs

French Tip Nail Designs Reviews

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French Tip Nail Designs

Preparing the wedding is always interesting. Especially if we think about what will we dressed up in our special day. Here, I suggest you to add some French Tip nails design for your special days. Why did I suggest you some French Tip Nails design for your wedding? Well, we know that French known with the elegant design which will make you look elegant and luxurious in your wedding.

French Tip Nail Designs 300x225 French Tip Nail Designs Reviews

French Tip Nail Designs

Here, the design of the nail polished of French is also elegant like another style of French which was offered to us like their clothing. The soft design of classic French manicure with identical in white and pink color will make you like the real princess in your wedding.

How to apply the French tip nails designs in your hand? Well, let see below:

  1. First, prepare your nail. It is mean that you have to clean your old nail. After that design first your nails. Maybe you will choose some rounded or slightly square of the shape and style. Here, depend on your prefer. After that prepare any clear base coat you like for your nail. If you prefer some traditional French tip nail, you stop in this first step. But if you want some unusual design of traditional French manicure, you better continue to the next step.
  2. If you ready in the first step, let’s go to the second step. Here, choose your color. You can use any colors you like. But, if you want your nail polish recognized as French designs, you would rather choose white and pink. In the application, usually white on top and the rest is pink. To design some funky design you can also choose bright colors like neon pink, blue, green or purple. For more unique design you can also use different color instead of pink or light pink. Glittery nail polish is also good choice to create this design. But always make sure when you apply another nail polish, your base nail polish is already dry.
  3. Third, design the shape. Design the shape of the tip is important in French traditional nails art. Such example you can use the design of “V” design or rounded line across the nails. But some design will not suit for some ladies. So you have to make sure that the design is suit on you. Here, the suit of the design will give you great effect of your nails art.
  4. Nowadays, people add some embellishment in French nails art. Even though just polis is enough for the nails art. But if you like with this add, you can add the embellishment for your nails art. How to add it? It is glue rhinestones along the tip for added the glitz or peel and stick nail charms for the last touch which will give you excellent effect. Besides, nails art pens could also being used here to draw the French nails designs.
acrylic nail designs french tip 300x225 French Tip Nail Designs Reviews


french tip nail designs tumblr 300x300 French Tip Nail Designs Reviews


cute french tip nail designs 300x225 French Tip Nail Designs Reviews


Well, I think French nails art design is not difficult. We can make it ourselves with our favorite design. Besides, this design will give provide your elegant design. you better try it to found out whether I was wrong or right.

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